Monster is a 20-page fanzine styled after a fashion magazine, featuring articles, ads, and photo shoots depicting the characters of Polygon's video series Monster Factory. Spring 2018.



#🐱🐡🐳🐦🐺 is a 24-page Tokyo Mew Mew fanzine following the characters' lives via their social media presence. Summer 2017.



Love Live 40th Anniversary Collection is a 20-page parody fanzine designed to resemble a jewel case booklet, depicting the characters of Love Live, a Japanese idol rhythm game, as iconic album covers. Fall 2016.




My Sweet Heart is a 48-page collaborative Tokyo Mew Mew fanbook published in Spring 2016, designed and curated by me. Featuring illustrations by 40 different artists, you can now download it for free below.

Participating Artists

Alexia Khodanian β™₯ Alexis Moore β™₯ Alice Martin β™₯ Amelia Allore β™₯ Ash β™₯ ayapus β™₯ Beetle Birdley β™₯ Brittany β€œBerii” McKnight β™₯ Caitlin Crystal β™₯ Chelsea Stingel β™₯ Ellie Aldredβ™₯ Estephanie Morales β™₯ Feeb Lee β™₯ Hannah Diaz β™₯ Harper Swindell β™₯ Jaciopara β™₯ Kayla Richmond β™₯ Keile Martin β™₯ Kelly Lawrence β™₯  Kylie Yeigh β™₯ Lauren Benavides β™₯ Lele Vives β™₯ LilyBelle β™₯ Lucy β™₯ Amelia Allore β™₯ Mille Rivera β™₯ My Truong β™₯ Gwen Reilly β™₯ Paige Hall β™₯ Patti Sigmon β™₯ princesspeonyartz β™₯ Quynh Tu Truong β™₯ Sam King β™₯ sheepherds β™₯ slurpoof β™₯ Stacey Richmond β™₯ Su Cheong β™₯ Tara Johnson β™₯ Teddy Brewster β™₯ Vivian Ng β™₯ Vonna